Who we are

Onoshop.it is a brand owned by Ono.it .

We are a young Italian startup from Trieste, our "Nuovo Futuro" project has won the POR FESR, il Fund European that aims to consolidate the economic and social cohesion ofEuropean Union for smart, sustainable and inclusive growth. We believe that the reduction of paper and the technological solutions applied to marketing can increase the customer experience (the customer experience), improve brand awareness (the degree of knowledge and identification of the brand), optimize processes making them dynamic and performing, associate brand innovation features, raise the perception of service quality, increase sales and turnover. We are passionate about the sense of smell, our most developed sense that recognizes up to a thousand billion odors compared to the millions of sounds and thousands of colors, connected to the amygdala and the limbic system, acts on the emotional centers, the same ones activated during the sale phase. . An essence through i Ono speakers stimulate memories and images to make your brand unforgettable, improving the sales experience, extending the stay in the store, increasing repetition of purchases, positively influencing the performance of collaborators, covering any bad smells. Our consultants can guide you on choosing the right essence for your business. We love to think how powerful it can be for a Brand to insert digital signage screens like Ono Slim, holograms such as OloX, showcase projectors to increase visibility, with eye catching solutions that can communicate at a distance, extending the range of your brand. Optimize the processes of window decals, poster printing, stickers, with applications and management of graphic contents in real-time anywhere in the world. We also believe that the product not associated with intelligent, elegant and innovative graphic projects can only express its potential to a small extent. Imagination is everything and every Brand in addition to offering the quality of its products and services must take care of all the experiential aspects to give what customers need and require. "OnoShop.it - Innovate your brand with a click " gives the opportunity to all Brands in a simple and immediate way to innovate with all the numerous new technological solutions applied in practice to the business. The advantage of reaching all restaurant customers in a soft way, thanks to Ono Touch & Charge giving a highly perceived charging service for smartphones and at the same time communicating through the double HD touch display all upsellers and crossellers, the menu, the history of the Brand, the creation of dishes, the additional catering service and increasing margins by selling advertising spaces to your partners. The benefit of intercepting customers, meeting their highly perceived need which is the unloaded mobile phone, at the moment of greatest possibility of conversion, that is when they are within the business, is effective and objectively virtuous. The Ono Totem for the management of accreditations, for hospitality, for indications, to order products and services directly and thus be able to optimize times, customer waiting processes and satisfy their needs as quickly as possible. Subscribe to the newsletter of Onoshop.it to be the first to know about the technological innovations to innovate your Brand, order your products, you can entrust the management of graphic projects to get what you want without worrying about anything. We want the best results for you.

Chi Siamo