ONO60-150-250 - Essence diffusers (up to 250sqm)

by OnoShop.it

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Have you always liked your sense of smell and want to enter the world of olfactory marketing? Do you want to increase the customer experience within your Store and your Company? Do you want to make your Brand unforgettable and personalize your essence? Do you want to increase the conversions and results of your products and services? Do you want to stimulate a particular sensation or increase the logical or creative creativity of your team? 

The solution is   ONO60-150-250 - Essence diffuser (up to 250sqm)   the diffuser for olfactory marketing. You can choose your favorite essence among all those present in the catalog. Set up to 120 minutes, with 4 work intervals to better plan the duration and quantity of essence diffused.

Order now ONO60-150-250 - Diffuser of essences (up to 250mq)   and it will arrive directly in your company and you can immediately put it to work!


  • Touch display
  • Setting time bands and days
  • Setting 9 diffusion levels
  • Cold atomization
  • Simple and immediate use
  • Quick replacement of the essence


Smell is our most developed sense and recognizes up to a thousand billion smells compared to millions of sounds and thousands of colors. The sense of smell is connected to the amygdala and the limbic system by acting on the memories and emotions making your brand and experience in your business unforgettable. The ONO60 / 150/250 diffusers cover a surface of up to 250sqm , an essence of 150ml with average use lasts up to 3/4 months, manageable through the touch display in 3 different time slots for each day and with 9 delivery levels . It extends the stay in the store, increases the repetition of the purchase, improves the performance of the collaborators, increases the perception of quality of the service, covers any bad smells.

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